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Budding Leaders

One of our founding values was:

To provide opportunities that enable young people to develop skills in leadership and to equip them with the skills to branch out to a career in the arts.

Through our Budding Leaders project, we offer the opportunity to young people to become part of the team of artists who develop and deliver drama sessions in local communities.

The skills learned throughout the programme are transferable to so many other areas of life, and can be used in any career.

Interested in becoming a Budding Leader? Email



Developing transferable skills including adaptability, time management and public speaking.

Understand how drama and arts sessions are run, how to make workshops flow and why we do certain games and activities.

Find a passion for the arts and see the sector in a whole new light.

Will look good on a CV and provide you with excellent experience.


Attending our weekly workshops as a Budding Leader, shadowing our experienced Lead Artists and eventually leading games and exercises in the class.

Training days through the year to learn about facilitating, planning a term and sharing skills.

Being part of the team that develop and deliver At the Root events and activities across West Lothian.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in getting involved with, email us on and we'll get back to you with more information.

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T: 07427674594


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