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at the root theatre is a theatre company based in West Lothian, Scotland. We create opportunities for communities, people and places to engage with creative activities such as drama, music and film. We also support and make work for early career or emerging artists while championing the work of local artists. at the root was established in 2015 as a youth theatre and, as our mission has grown, soon developed into a theatre company working with all ages and people. 

The story starts when two guys from Livingston decided to put on a variety show at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate. Matthew Swan and Kyle McRoberts brought a team of musicians, comedians, performers, technicians, stage managers, photographers together to create a show to be performed at the Regal in the summer of 2015.

We graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2018 and started to develop the company further since we had a bit more time. We introduced Junior Groups, Kids Groups and now have an Adult Group running with more exciting projects on the way. 

In November 2020, we decided it was time take further a further step into the world of professional theatre. We rebranded and renamed as at the root theatre. We champion local communities, places and people in our work and we needed a name and mission to reflect this. 

We deliver work to amplify and empower different parts of our local community and champion the arts throughout.

A community of young, emerging artists were brought together to create spectacular shows for local communities. After impressing bosses at the Regal Community Theatre, they were offered the opportunity to start their own youth company. This would then become The Regal Youth Company. 

After a few months of planning and idea gathering, we launched drama and music workshops for young people. These workshops took off with great success and many shows followed. As a group of drama students at the time, we learned a lot about how to run a theatre company and applied the knowledge from our course on a real world company. 

at the root theatre aims to amplify and empower voices of different communities, people and places through participatory arts such as theatre, music and film. We work at a grassroots level to broaden access to affordable, entertaining and high quality creative arts projects for everyone. 

We want to make sure that the projects we create, workshops we run and productions we make engage, entertain and educate a wide portion of the communities we work in. One of our main aims is to engage participants and audience who may not traditionally engage with performance. We want to create spaces that empower and engage different participants and audiences.

at the root theatre aims to support and develop opportunities for young arts leaders, emerging workshop facilitators and early-career artists such as writers and directors. 


Our mission is to create a company that supports and helps the career path of emerging artists within Central Scotland. We hope to show arts leadership as a viable, fun and realistic career. 


at the root theatre seeks to create a platform for emerging and early-career artists to share skills, hone their craft and find collaborations within the network.

Our main mission is to develop and deliver creative projects, workshops and performances for children, young people and adults. We want to share the joy of theatre with as many people as we can by bringing theatre to different communities, people and places. 

Since we work at a grassroots level, we understand the challenges and problems that local people face in taking part in activities. We want to make our workshops, projects and performance as accessible, affordable and approachable as we possibly can. We will always work to improve ourselves and our understanding of fairness, kindness and equity in the arts and the communities we work in.

At the Root Theatre

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