About Us


Who We Are

At the Root Theatre places creativity, fairness and joy as three of its most important qualities. We believe that if our spaces are creative, fair and joyful we can transform lives through theatre, film and music. 

We seek to champion local people, stories and voices through creating work with our youth theatre and collaborating with artists. We believe in co-creation and collaboration in theatre and will always work to give children, young people and artists ownership and agency in their work.

We collaborate with charities and other arts organisations to create more opportunities for children, young people and adults to participate in arts activities. We believe in creating positive partnerships to promote positive transformational change within local communities. 

We believe in establishing, growing and nurturing communities. Being part of a community can create ever-lasting change for individuals - making new friends, developing social skills and can be a safe space to have fun.

We aim to work across a whole range of places to bring theatre, film and music to local communities in and around West Lothian. We believe that everyone should have access to community and participatory arts. 

Our Values

We believe in creating safeinclusive and approachable for children, young people and adults. 

We want to celebrate and empower local communities, people and places by creating joyful and positive spaces for all.

We want to collaborate with different artists, audiences and participants to create work that reflects the communities its being made in.

We want to support and nurture children, young people and adults by facilitating welcoming, kind and approachable spaces.