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At the Root Theatre is a West Lothian based youth arts organisation established in 2015 to create a space to amplify and empower the voices of different communities, people and places. 

We embed fairness, kindness and inclusion in our practice. We believe that the arts are for everyone. Our workshops and projects create spaces where participants can fully be themselves, grow in confidence and make new friends.

Our approach to theatre making and the arts is collaborative, curious and playful. We create spaces where participants take agency and ownership in the performances they make and share. In our workshops, we are responsive to what the group wants to do. We are not a one size fits all organisation, we tailor make projects and workshops to suit the participants and groups.

At the Root exists to be a platform for children and young people to be creative, to play and to grow in confidence.

By creating events that engage children and families, we believe we're creating moments that they'll cherish in future years.


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For me, ATR was a place where I first got to explore new aspects of music and theatre and find out what kind of things I was passionate about. It was also a great support for me as a young artist.

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T: 07427674594


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