About Us

Who we are & what we do

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At the Root was established in 2015 to produce a creative outreach programme for the Regal Community Theatre in Bathgate. As part of this, the company set up youth theatre and youth music workshops for young people living in West Lothian.

The company set out to create a space where children and young people could take agency in their creativity and have ownership of the space they are working in. As part of the creative outreach programme at the Regal, we put children and young people at the centre of their approach and in their ethos.


At the Root Theatre is a theatre company based in West Lothian working with children and young people through theatre, music and film. We believe in amplifying and empowering voices of different communities, people and places.

Our Story


When the charity running the Regal Community Theatre folded, we were in the lucky position that we were supported by participants, their families and the local community. This support helped us to continue beyond the closure of the charity.

This is when we went from being the Regal Youth Company to being At the Root Theatre. We now work across communities in West Lothian to widen access to creative opportunities in local areas. At the Root is a not-for-profit organisation and all money generated goes back into creating opportunities for children and young people in West Lothian.

Our Vision

  • To empower children and young people in creative spaces that boost confidence, nurture creativity and promote positive mental wellbeing.

  • To support and nurture early career and establishing artists, facilitators and performers in meaningful and ambitious projects.

  • To champion local people and local stories being told in spaces that belong to communities.

  • To collaborate with children, young people and artists to create high quality performances and art.

  • To widen access to fun, creative and exciting opportunities for children and young people.