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Play in a Day: The Wicked Wolf of West Lothian

Wednesday 14th April 2021



£20 per space (comes with activity box)

Join At the Root for a fun day of theatre-making, crafting and storytelling as we challenge ourselves to make a Play in a Day!

'The Wicked Wolf of West Lothian' is about a very naughty wolf who mixes up lots of different fairytales.... and we need help putting them back together again!

This fun workshop will be a mix of online and offline activities - the whole day won't be spent looking at a computer screen. Book your space and activity box by emailing info@attheroottheatre.com.


A Murder Mystery: Interactive Event

Wednesday 14th April 2021



£7 per space

Join At the Root for an interactive Murder Mystery event full of twists, tricks and treats. Can you help us figure out the clues, line up the suspects and help solve this mystery once and for all?

'A Murder Mystery: Interactive Event' is going to be a fantastic evening of fun games, riddles and pointing fingers.

This fun workshop will be ran online via Zoom. Book your space by emailing info@attheroottheatre.com.

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Hold Out Your Hand

Friday 16th April & Saturday 17th April


Free but Ticketed

At the Root Theatre presents 'Hold Out Your Hand' performed by the Senior Drama Group.

'Weird isn't it. How whatever you're doing now. How whatever way we're doing this now. Can so quickly become the only way to do it. The only way we've ever done it.'

The event is free but ticketed. Part of Positive Stories for Negative Time with Wonder Fools in association with the Traverse Theatre.

Workshop Series

Movement Short Course (Adults)

Starts: Wed 21st April Ends: 26th May

7.30pm-8.30pm via Zoom

£40 Full Price & £30 Students / Concession

At the Root Theatre invites you to take part in their new Movement Short Course led by Nichole Cook (performer, movement director).

The short workshop series will take a look at movement, physicality and play in a safe, non-judgemental environment. The workshops are perfect for beginners or for those who have had experience in movement.

You can book your place in the workshop by emailing us on info@attheroottheatre.com.

Online Event
Online Event

The Are We There Yet? Concert

Saturday 1st May via YouTube


Free, Non-Ticketed

At the Root Theatre presents their third online concert, and this time we're asking: Are We There Yet?

Featuring musicians like Kodak Ghosts, EmilieJane Stein, Lois Mackenzie, Megan Black, Eilidh Harker and more!

The concert will be released on our YouTube channel on Saturday 1st May 2021 at 7.30pm and will be free to watch.

Let's Talk 2021

Monday 10th May to Sunday 16th May

Monologues Daily at 12pm

Free, Non-Ticketed

At the Root Theatre brings together actors and writers to create a conversation about mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.

Writers are Calum Moore, Cara Watson, G.R. Greer, Lisa McDonald, Lucy Wilson and Victoria Meek.

Trigger Warning: discussions of mental health, mental illness and suicide in some performances. Each monologue has own trigger warning.

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