Things Will Get Better

Things Will Get Better was part of our Summer Nights Double Bill in July 2017 alongside 404. The show was performed by our core workshop group made up of twelve to sixteen year olds. The performance was based and devised around a text written by Dougal Thomson and was directed by Kathy Smith. 

The show was created during workshop time and seen participants take on different responsibilities such as acting, costume, props, lighting and sound.

Things Will Get Better followed the lives of three groups - friends, family and relationships. It explored the challenges that come within those structures and the effect that media, technology and society has on those groups. It looked at different key issues a young person may face including bullying, parties and the internet. 

The performance enabled young people to inspect and challenge the world around them and explore different issues within each age group. During the process the participants explored the influence of social media in everyday life including the effect it can have on mental health. 

At the Root Theatre senior Group
directed by
Kathy Smith
Regal Theatre
produced by
Matthew Swan
Tech by
Adam Tucker & Ryan Welsh

Working on Things will Get Better was an amazing journey to have - participants developed skills not only in acting but in sound and lighting design, costume, make up, writing and devising. The process was such a success because it told the stories of young people - it amplified their voice for parents, family, friends and the community to hear. Young people's stories are important. 

We worked on the show for two terms and changed quite a lot in that time - as participants got more comfortable telling their stories, it got more personal and honest. It was such a fun show and we've got lots of great memories from it.

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