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What do we offer schools?

Our creative offer to schools include bespoke workshops, theatre in education sessions, CPD workshops for teachers, and lunch and after school clubs.

How do schools book At the Root Theatre?

You can call Matthew on 07427674594 for an informal chat about what our sessions involve or you can email for more information. Costs depend on class size, length of workshops and resources required.


CPD Workshops for Teachers & Educators

We offer a range of CPD workshops for teachers and educators focused on how to use drama in the classroom environment. We believe that by equipping teachers with the confidence and knowledge on how and when to use drama that we will have a positive effect on the education of children and young people.

Our bespoke CPD workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the group of teachers taking part including Primary, Secondary, SEN and more.

Themes include: online safety, anti-bullying, equality and diversity, maths, kindness, sharing, emotions and feelings, and more.

Our CPD Workshops are a great forum to share best practice with other teachers, develop new skills and understand how to use drama to benefit your pupils and the classroom.


Interested in booking a CPD workshop for your school? Give Matthew a call on 07427694594 for an informal chat or email for more information.


Lunch & After School Clubs

Our offer to schools include Lunch & After School Clubs which are exclusive to their school pupils. Our lunch and after school clubs run for P1-P7's and include everything our Weekly Workshop programme does and more. 

The weekly workshops are tailor made to the interest of the school - it can be an hour of drama games, working towards a performance or anything that the participants would like to try.

We can also help with any school shows or performances that you have programmed. We have a team of experienced theatre makers, musical theatre facilitators and drama practitioners who are ready to make your school show the best in town. 

You can either book us block by block or for the year. We can tailor make our workshops for your school and timetable.


Interested in booking a Lunch or After School Club for your school? Give Matthew a call on 07427694594 for an informal chat or email for more information.


Bespoke Workshops

We offer a range of bespoke workshops for Primary School, Secondary School and SEN School pupils. Our workshop programme creates a positive spaces to have conversations about big topics using drama. In the past we have ran successful workshop programmes on Online Safety and Anti-Bullying. 

Our school workshops create inclusive spaces where participants can fully be themselves, grow in confidence and have fun while taking a look at big topics such as online safety and anti-bullying. 

Mrs Patience from Kirknewton Primary School said: 'Matthew was a pleasure to have in our school. The content of the workshops was informative, relevant and met the needs of our pupils. All of our children enjoyed and engaged in the experience. They all talked positively about what they had learned and were able to explain where how to use what they had learned with their experiences within school.'


Interested in booking a bespoke workshop for your school? Give Matthew a call on 07427694594 for an informal chat or email for more information.

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