Education & Outreach

Our Approach

Creating Collaborative Spaces for Confidence Growth & Skill Development.

We believe that children and young people learn better in collaborative spaces allowing for confidence growth, learning from each other alongside social and creative development. All of our workshops encourage team work, building friendship and learning more about each other as creators and as people.

Theatre as a way to explore the world and issues around us.

Theatre can be used as a conversation starter and a space to discuss issues in the world and our own communities. We believe that theatre is a safe space to have these discussions as we promote respect, trust and safety in our workshops. The workshops create opportunities for children and young people to explore, question and challenge the world around us.

Participating in fun, engaging and creative activities changes lives.

Participating in regular creative activities can have such a positive impact on the health, wellbeing and quality of life. We believe it's important that theatre companies like us go round schools to introduce them to drama away from the world of exams and tests.

What We Offer

We offer workshops to Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. Our workshops can be tailored to suit class needs, projects and size. Workshops include: acting skills, leadership, creative writing, devising, working with text and much, much more. Contact us if you would like any more information on the workshops we offer.

We base our workshop prices on workshop content, class size, workshop length and number of staff needed. We will give you a quote beforehand - we aim to make all workshop prices affordable. 

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You can start the booking of your workshop by emailing and we'll send over more information and a booking form.