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At the Root Theatre is committed to the protection and correct use of the personal data of anyone who is involved with us, including participants, their parents or carers, staff, freelancers and volunteers. We make it our utmost priority to meet the standards set out in the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

We only collect data that is absolutely necessary and store it securely for an appropriate amount of time. You can request access to information we hold on you and the erasure of that information at anytime.

This notice provides general information about what data we collect, why we collect it, how long for and stored.

Who is collecting your data?

As a sole trader, Matthew Swan is responsible for all collection of data at the At the Root Theatre. Matthew Swan has access to all data and is responsible for the safe processing of data.

At the Root Theatre collects your data through the following methods:

  • Online ticket purchases, registration forms and CVs

  • Hard copy or electronic registration forms.

What data is being collected and why?

  • We only collect data that is absolutely necessary to the running of the organisation and for

  • lawful purposes including:

  • Child Protection

  • Provide legal consent

  • Staff administration

  • Advertising, marketing and public relations

  • Recruitment

  • Research

We process personal information to enable us to support children and young people participating in our activities. We maintain accounts and records, promote our activity and to support and manage employees and freelancers. We also process personal information about staff who deliver our services. The types of personal information we process include:

Personal details such as name, address, telephone number, age Emergency contact details

Employment details

Financial details for where we take payment or provide payment Visual images for use in marketing

Responses to surveys

Medical information or additional needs Complaints, accidents and incident details

How do we use the information?

To plan activities that suit the needs of participants.

To contact you with important information.

To maintain the health and safety for staff and participants. To process payments incoming and outgoing.

Is data shared?

Data is only used by the members of At the Root staff who need to process it.

If permission is granted, then we may share images or film footage of participants on our website / social media / press.

Your data is stored for 2 years after last attendance.

Records are stored in a secure file in Matthew Swan’s business laptop.

If consent is provided, then images and videos will be kept for an indefinite amount of time for marketing purposes.


All data is kept in a secure place in Matthew Swan’s home office and business laptop. We will not use information that identifies you unless there is a lawful reason to do so.

You can request to see all information we have on you at any time and delete any information

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