Primary  Schools

Photo: Matthew Swan

What do we offer Primary Schools?

We offer Primary Schools theatre and performance workshops and creative programmes for pupils to take part in. Our workshops are fun, engaging and educational. We can also run after-school programmes and direct your school shows for set fees. 

We can work in Primary Schools in West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and Edinburgh. If your school is outside of these areas but would still like a workshop, please get in touch. 

Our school workshops are facilitated by the core team of At the Root Theatre - you can find out more about them here.

How much does it cost?

We don't have any set fees as we take into consideration class size, workshop length, resources and type of workshop. We aim to make workshops as accessible and affordable as possible.

What can we expect?

When planning and developing your workshop, you can expect us to be in touch to discuss the needs of your class and classroom space. We want to cater our workshops to you and your pupils - that's why every workshop we deliver in Primary Schools are different. 

In our workshop, you can expect a lot of fun, engagement and learning. We aim to create a playful environment for your pupils where they can engage with theatre and performance. We hope to nurture a love for drama and performance within children and young people by creating memorable moments in learning environments.

How do we book?

You can book our Primary School Workshops by emailing and asking for a form or by following this link for online form.


Photo: Matthew Swan


Photo: Matthew Swan


Photo: Matthew Swan

Want some more information? Here are example workshop summaries:


a space adventure

An Adventure Style Workshop designed for P1-P4

Our space adventure workshop sees participants build rockets, travel to space, meet aliens, journey through different planets and return home within an hour. Our workshop facilitator will be in role as an astronaut throughout the visit and will encourage pupils to play along. We can also offer different adventures including: safari, around the world, time travel and more (the list is endless)!

cute fruit character, two happy apples a

creating characters

Learn how to create a character for P5-P7

Our Creating Characters workshop sees participants learn how to bring a character to life. We'll look at how to take a character from the page and use movement, voice and acting technique to bring it off the page. This fun workshop aims to engage pupils in literacy, imagination and theatre making. We'll end the workshop with fun scenes involving the characters your pupils make!


choose your workshop

Tailored workshops for you class topics and themes

We can tailor our workshops to suit your class needs and topics. We can do a drama workshops on pretty much anything - get in touch with your class topic or theme and we can come up with a fun and engaging drama workshop for your pupils to take part in. Email us on on for more information.