What Makes a Good Friend?

Drama Workshops which encourage respect, diversity and inclusion in Primary and Secondary Schools.

Our anti-bullying workshops are designed to create positive spaces where children and young people can learn to celebrate differences, build each other up and what to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. 

What Makes a Good Friend? can be delivered at age appropriate levels from P1 to S3. The workshop content changes with every age range but the message remains the same. 

If you would like to book in for workshops at your school, please get in touch with info@attheroottheatre.com or call 07427674594.


What's the aim?

Bullying is a crisis in schools across the country, and has been for years. Bullying has a severe impact on the mental health and physical health of bully victims, and can have a lasting effect into adulthood. 

We want to create positive spaces for children and young people to celebrate differences, build each other up and learn about what to do if they or someone they know if being bullied.

What happens?

We use drama, team building and play techniques to explore differences, inclusion and the impact of bullying. We will use drama exercises that teach empathy, promote inclusion and celebrate individuality. Games and exercises are facilitated in a sensitive way to make participants and teachers feel comfortable with the subject matter.


Workshops for P1-P3 are one hour in length.

Workshops for P4-S3 are one hour and a half in length. 

Workshops can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your classes and schools.

We will send you a suggested timetable when you enquire, however, we will work with you to ensure that the workshops work around your school day.

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At the Root aims to create opportunities and widen access to the arts across West Lothian. We believe that every child, young person and adult should be able to access creative, fun and social activities that benefit their mental wellbeing, physical health and keeps them socially active. 

Drama builds confidence, develops social skills and raises self esteem. Regular participation in creative workshops has lots of benefits to participants. We want to encourage people to take part, enjoy themselves and re-engage. 

You can support our work in many different ways including business sponsorship, volunteering or sharing the word of our mission and what we're doing to achieve it.