Welcome to our Summer Camp!

We have had a mega busy Summer but we wouldn't have it any other way!

We started off with an incredible Encanto themed workshop in July at Kirknewton Church Hall where 30 excited kids danced, sang and acted their hearts out!

Then we moved onto our Fauldhouse Summer Camp where we had 30 incredible participants coming along for a fully funded week of drama joy and fun. We tap danced, we made a village, we competed in the drama olympics but most importantly we had an amazing amount of FUN!

Our Fauldhouse Drama Summer Camp was funded by West Lothian Council and was run in partnership with Eastfield Development Centre.

A huge thank you to the funders and to the staff at Eastfield who provided snacks and free packed lunches for all the children attending.

THEN! We moved to our fabulous Livingston Summer Camp at Mosswood Community Centre where we had lots of themed workshop days including Despicable Me, Disney Villains, Toy Story, Superheroes and even Sonic the Hedgehog.

We had an enormous amount of fun at our Livingston Summer Camp, oh and we even made our own music video!

We headed onto our third week of Summer Camps with... BATHGATE! That's right, we were back in Bathgate for a week of fun, drama and film.

With our Bathgate Summer Camp we had different themes every day including Shrek, Despicable Me, Inside Out, Encanto and Secret Life of Pets.

We had lots of fun playing with props, dressing up in costumes, creating characters and doing some arts and crafts.

And that was the end of our Summer Weeks... for now!

And our final activity for the Summer was Play in a Day in Livingston where we brought together lots of different participants from across ATR to make a play in less than six hours and they were fab!

A truly special Summer spent with truly special participants. Thanks to all who helped, participated and celebrated.

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