Transfixed by the Stage

There's something undoubtedly magical about being in a theatre to perform for the first time.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to give that opportunity to 80 children and young people on Monday evening. Most had never been onstage in a theatre before.

We were at the incredible Howden Park Centre for our technical and dress rehearsal for the 2022 Summer Showcase. As we entered the auditorium, excited whispers filled the air and wonder filled their eyes. It was truly magical to see and hear.

At the Root believes in creating positive experiences for children and young people. We want to create spaces that don't put pressure on young people, but instead enable them to be themselves and find the joy in performance at their own pace.

Every child and young person who comes along to At the Root is able to go at their own pace. We are so incredibly proud of our participants, and can't wait for the show later this month.

Tickets are available for Summer Showcase 2022 at Howden Park Centre on Monday 20th June 6.30pm.

Buy tickets:

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