It's Nearly Showtime!!

We are in the final week of rehearsals before our Summer Showcase 2022.

Our participants across West Lothian have been working super hard on their shows and can't wait to show their families, friends and supporters.

From Pirates and Aliens to Dystopian Futures, to Monsters to a Trip to the Moon and even a Game Show... our Summer Showcase has something for everyone.

Out of all the performances we've done over the last seven years, this is probably the most special and meaningful. This is the first time all of our groups and all of our participants are onstage on the same night. It's going to be incredible special. Going from having 4 regular participants in 2015 to having over 80 in 2022 is just amazing.

If you're free on Monday evening, pop along to Howden Park Centre to see our incredible participants perform some amazing shows!

Tickets are available for Summer Showcase 2022 at Howden Park Centre on Monday 20th June 6.30pm.

Buy tickets:

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