collaborate. play. perform.
photo: summer launch 2019, junior & senior group
our values
playful spaces
We believe that the best work is created when participants fell at ease in the space, comfortable with the workshop leaders and friendly with other participants. We do this by bringing humour and fun into every workshop, rehearsal and performance. We are often told not to make mistakes, to do everything correct first time - we don't think like that at RYC. We want to encourage everyone to play, and sometimes that means making mistakes. And some mistakes or un-planned moments can be the most memorable.
social spaces
We value the social aspect of participating in creative activity as much as the creative. We know that by participating in creative activities friendship will grow, a team spirit will be developed and a true unbreakable bond will be created. Drama can also help with communication skills, confidence and give people a space to come and be themselves. 
As an organisation which promotes the arts and uses drama and music as a way to engage audiences and participants, creativity plays an important role in our work. We want everyone participating in our activities to fully embrace their imagination and their own role as an artist within the community. 
creative spaces
joyful spaces
We value drama as a creative outlet that anyone can engage with no matter their background - drama is for everyone. By creating spaces full of joy and positivity, we are able to bring communities and people together to form bonds that last a life time. We value joyful spaces as safe, non-judgemental and inclusive environments. We believe in creating spaces that value happiness, humour and joy.

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