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photo: another evening of entertainment 2016, whole company
our roots
Our roots lie within a wee theatre in Bathgate, West Lothian. We were founded as part of the Regal Community Theatre Ltd. charity. We were one of many outreach programmes engaging with a wide portion of the community in West Lothian. In 2017, the charity folded but we had the ability and inclination to continue. Three years later, here we are, a theatre company working across the Central Belt. 
Still using the building, we are firmly all honorary Bathgate Bairns. As the Regal Youth Company, we came hand in hand with the building - we're so proud of the theatre and it will forever be our home. 
In 2020, the world was thrown into turmoil with the pandemic. This made us a reflect on our position as an arts organisation and what else we could do during the pandemic and post-COVID. We decided that we wanted to branch out - we want to support a wider group of people, more children and young people and offer more things than we currently do. Then came At the Root Theatre. 
Funny story, At the Root Theatre was one of the names we considered at the start. We always loved the name and this felt like the right time to use it. So, from RYC to At the Root - that's our story. 
at the root
our pledge
Now, more than ever, the arts need protecting. Culture is something that connects us. We pledge to continue support the arts at a local level and do what we can nationally. We will support children, young people and adults in their passion for the arts. We will support artists. We will support our communities.

At the Root Theatre

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