Our Artistic Statement

At the Root works in the grassroots of communities to create opportunities for children, young people and adults to participate in regular creative activity that will make a positive impact on their mental wellbeing, physical health and social life. 

We want to develop participatory spaces within communities that promote positivity, joy and community. At the Root believes in being wholly community and participant driven - we will respond to the needs of individuals and communities to create the best possible space for them.

In our facilitation of workshops and projects we use a holistic form of engagement. We want to provide the space for participants to grow at their own pace, develop new skills in their own time and enable them to fully be themselves. Holistic engagement encourages curiosity in participants, and curiosity is vital to creativity. 

We are curious in the work we create with communities. Our playful spaces instil curiosity in the process of creating theatre, workshop spaces and projects. We want to empower communities, people and places to use their voices to celebrate and challenge the world around them. 

Our work in communities is vital to our mission. We want to amplify and empower the voices of different communities, people and places through theatre, film and music.

Working in communities also includes partnership working. We believe that connecting with other organisations, groups and charities to run projects, apply for joint funding applications and support each other is the best way forward to increase accessibility to the arts in West Lothian. 

We are here to widen access to the arts. We are here to celebrate local people and local stories. We are here to champion participation in creative activities.


We are At the Root Theatre.


Photo: Sinclair Mackenzie