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Keeping children safe online

We are living an ever more digital world and the dangers to children and young people are growing. According to the UK Government, 80% of children (aged 12-15) have had potentially harmful experiences online. We find this statistic really frightening, and as a society we must do something about this.

With our online safety programme that can be tailored to be delivered in an age appropriate format considering the needs and requirements of each individual class.


Our online safety workshops are delivered in a sensitive, safe and non-judgemental spaces. We want to create spaces where children feel confident and comfortable enough with engaging in big issues. All workshops are delivered in an age appropriate format while consider the individual needs of the class and school.


We follow strict safeguarding procedures within these workshops, and if anything is brought up in these sessions the correct processes are followed by working with the school. Before every visit we make sure to contact the Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher and the safeguarding lead in the school to discuss any processes that the school may have. All project workers hold a PVG.


Our online safety workshops use different themes and topics to explore online safety. These themes and topics include: emotions and feelings, choice, risk and consequences. Themes are selected to match the age that the workshops are being delivered to. For example, our 3-7s online safety workshop mainly explores emotions and feelings.

Who are these workshops for?
Online Safety for Nurseries

Our online safety workshops for nurseries are delivered in a play-based format with lots of props, storytelling and learning. The focus of these workshops is on emotion and feelings. 

The workshops aim to foster an environment where children can talk about their thoughts and feelings openly. Exploring online safety through this framework will help build a better understanding in these children for their future.

Online Safety for P1-P3

Our online safety workshops for P1-P3 are delivered in a play-based format exploring emotions and feelings, choice and giving a basic understanding of how to stay safe when using digital devices.

The workshops aim to give children the knowledge on how to be confident when being online and using their devices, and who to speak to if something online makes them feel uncomfortable.

Online Safety for P4-P7

Our online safety workshops for P4-P7 are delivered in a play-based format and explores emotions and feelings, choice and risk. With this age range, we want to engage with the topic of online safety in a more advanced way than with younger children.

The workshops will create a safe, nurturing space that enables children to explore how to be safe online and who to talk to if something makes them feel uncomfortable online.

Online Safety for S1-S6

Our online safety workshops for S1-S6 are delivered in the style of a classic drama workshop. With these workshops we want to create a safe and sensitive space for young people to explore how to be safe online, understand the dangers of the internet and what to do if something goes wrong online.

The workshops will create a space for role play, exploring emotions and feelings, and give them the knowledge of how to act online to keep themselves and others safe.

How to book
Contact Us

If you are interested in booking a workshop for your nursery or school, get in contact with us on or 07427674594 for an initial conversation regarding your needs and expectations.


The costs of running workshops are entirely dependant on the how many hours of delivery there are, number of children and if you decide to purchase our teaching companion to go along with the workshop.


Our workshops are delivered by qualified drama facilitators who all hold a PVG and have years of experience in working with children and young people in community and educational settings.

Continuing Professional Development

We can provide continuing professional development opportunities for educators, facilitators and teachers. Our CPD sessions include: workshops, discussions and seminars around different themes. 

Our online safety sessions for educators, facilitators and teachers explore how to use drama in the classroom to explore the issues around online safety. We use drama games and activities to explore the topic and give educators the confidence in delivering drama in the classroom.  

Drama is an excellent way to engage children in learning and we want to help equip and develop skills of educators.

You can book a CPD session for your school by emailing We also facilitate specific events across West Lothian, perfect for teachers and teachers in training.


  • Booklet on using drama in the classroom

  • Online safety activities and games to use in the classroom

  • Workshop

  • Discussion

  • Networking

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