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High quality, fun and creative activities for your kids during school holidays

We offer a wide variety of creative arts workshops, camps and projects throughout school holidays and mid-term breaks. We create safe, fun and exciting spaces for children to come to during the holidays from school. 

Our holiday camps aim to be affordable and accessible to all with prices costing lower than child care. Not only is it financially beneficial, our holiday programme keeps your child creatively engaged throughout the holiday. 

Programmes include: holiday camps, play in a day, film in a day, one off workshops, film workshops and more. We aim to spread our activities throughout West Lothian so everyone has the opportunity to participate in fun, creative activities during the holidays.

You can keep up to date with everything coming up during school holidays by visiting our social media or checking our website.

What's next?

We might just talk about Bruno whilst floating up to the sky in a house covered in balloons.

Join us for our fun, creative day exploring the movies Encanto & Up. This workshop will have drama and arts & crafts, but most importantly... fun!

Monday 20th February


Forestbank Community Centre

£20 per child

* Participants and non-participants welcome. 

** Limited spaces available

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