Holiday Projects

at the root theatre presents The Wicked Wolf of West Lothian as their debut Play in a Day project for P1-P6. We will be running this project during the 2021 Easter Holidays on the 14th April 10am-3pm via Zoom. 

Spaces are limited and cost £20. The cost includes participation fee as well as an activity pack to help participants during the day as well as some treats! There are only ten spaces available.

The Wicked Wolf of West Lothian is a mix up adventure of all different kinds of fairytales - and will be featured as a curtain raiser for Hold Out Your Hand on Friday 16th April.


at the root theatre presents A Murder Mystery for P7-S6 as part of their Easter Holiday Programme. The event will run on Zoom 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Spaces cost £7. You will be emailed some instructions before the event so please book your space at least 24 hours in advance.

Our Murder Mystery night will be full of tricks, clues and riddles - can you solve the mystery? As a group, we'll have to figure out who is innocent and who is guilty.


At the Root Theatre

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