My Normal Family

My Normal Family was a devised show by our Uphall Drama Group performed at the Regal Theatre in May 2019. The show was created by Becca Lamont and Kyle McRoberts alongside the young people attending weekly workshops at Uphall Community Centre.

The show was about a group of characters created by the participants and showed a funny family going through everyday situations. The show took inspiration from comedy television programmes and theatre scripts.

My Normal Family introduced young people living in Broxburn and Uphall to devised theatre and performance. This was our Uphall Group's first performance.

As an introduction to theatre and performance, the process involved looking at acting technique, script work and creating characters. It gave the participants an opportunity to see what acting was all about and created a space for them to have fun while doing so. 

Uphall Drama Group
directed by
Becca Lamont
Regal Theatre
produced by
Matthew Swan
Tech by
Nikita Nicol 

We believe in creating fun and joyful spaces for children and young people to fully be themselves and make new friends. Our Uphall Drama Group became a space for participants to play games, explore drama and create shows while having fun.

Joyful spaces are extremely important in creating trusted and safe environments for young people to grow and develop skills. Working on My Normal Family was an opportunity for participants to explore theatre, make new friends and have some fun.

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