I Am Alex

I Am Alex was a show made to celebrate and explore LGBTQ+ and was a coming out story for a character called Alex. The show was produced as part of the Senior Drama Group's Summer Sharing in 2018 alongside music performances and a film sharing. 

The show told the story of Alex, her family and friends. It explored the process of coming out in a safe conversation between the group and audience. The story explored lots of topics including cyberbullying, family relationships and being an outsider in your own home.

I Am Alex used physical theatre and text to tell the story. We wanted to make this show stand out from the others we have done - we decided to perform it in the cafe bar at the Regal (a room where actors and audiences are quite close to each other). We also performed it in an avenue staging - this created new challenges for the group and showed them a new technical skill in acting. 

There were lots of elements of the show and it was extremely popular with audience members and participants.

At the Root Theatre senior Group
directed by
Matthew Swan
Regal Theatre
produced by
Matthew Swan
Tech by
Matthew Swan

By creating conversations and facilitating discussion around topics and issues that relate to young people, we are creating an environment where they can take ownership. We like to explore big issues and keep our work current with what is relevant to our group of participants. 

Having a space like our workshops to discuss these big topics is really important. It creates a safe environment for young people to have the conversations and express opinions in a safe environment. 

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