Here at At the Root Theatre we aim to create a culture of inclusive practice to celebrate differences, increase accessibility and make our activities equitable for all. 

We believe in theatre as a positive transformational space for all children, young people and adults to benefit from. We aim to use best practice in our workshops, projects and outreach work to make sure that At the Root is approachable and accessible to all.

Inclusive Practice.

Inclusion means that all children and young people are involved and supported in all aspects of the theatre company, no matter the gender, ethnicity belief system, social circumstances or disability.

Inclusive practice is fundamental in our approach to creating playful, safe and non-judgemental spaces using drama and theatre techniques. We want every child and young person to feel part of the team, feel supported and feel like they belong.

Drama and theatre has the power to connect and bring people together in the most brilliant way. We want our participants to experience this through our fun, creative and engaging workshops.

Your Needs.

Our workshops are safe, fun and creative spaces. Everyone should have the chance to participate and benefit from taking part in the workshops. 

We don't want anyone for any reason to think that they can't take part in At the Root activities. 

Please let us know if your child or young person has any specific needs, and we can have a conversation on how we can best support that during workshops. 

You can contact us on matthew@attheroottheatre.com or call 07427674594.