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We are aiming to create an arts organisation that represents and celebrates diversity and differences. We celebrate diversity and difference and do not discriminate against ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability. At the Root Theatre creates a safe, trusted space for communities to come together to celebrate difference and diversity. 

If there is anything we can do to support your participation, please get in touch with us on We will make any reasonable adjustments to help with your participation in our workshops, projects or performances.

We will not tolerate bullying, racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist language in our workshops or projects. 


We are committed to removing financial, geographical and social barriers blocking children, young people and adults from access our activities. Each year we aim to provide a bursary scheme that helps people access our activities for free or for reduced rates. We also provide a number of free activities throughout the year which are open to anyone interested.

Our twenty-twenty-one bursary was set up as a response to the financial struggles family may face due to the coronavirus pandemic. We raised a groundbreaking £2,060 in the Summer as part of a crowdfunding campaign. This is the most we've ever managed to raise in a year for the bursary and we hope it can go a long way to help families across West Lothian. 

What can we fund?

1. We can waive fees for weekly workshops on our core programme, projects and production company costs. Fees can be entirely waived or partially depending on the application. 

2. We can fund public transport costs for participants to get to workshops. These costs can be partially or fully funded. This is part of our initiative to tackle geographical barriers in accessing creative activities. 

What makes you eligible?

There are many circumstances in which you could be eligible for a bursary, including: being in Care or a Carer; Being a Single Parent; Being a Refugee; Being in receipt of Benefits; Being in receipt of Free School Meals (P4+). This is not an extensive list and there are many reasons why you may be eligible for the bursary. Please get in touch with us with any questions that aren't answered here. 

We also offer a sibling discount in our children and young people's workshop programme. Email us for more information regarding that.

How do I apply?

For more information or to apply for a bursary space on one of our workshop programmes, please email and we'll get back to you within 2-3 business days. 

If you're unsure of anything or have any question, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we want to help people access our activities and our bursary is available until those funds run out.

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