a winter series

In October 2020, we sent out a Writers Call to submit ideas for monologues and short scenes for two or three actors. We were overwhelmed by the response and selected pieces that represented a wide range of style, theme and enabled the actors to use skills.

We were pleased to showcase writing from: Cara Galbraith, Chelsea Grace, Valentina Galdi, Dougal Thomson, Kayleigh MacDonald, Rachel Flynn, Kris Cummins and Lindz McLeod.

The series was released on YouTube and Instagram between 26th December 2020 and 20th January 2021. The series is available for viewing on our website, Instagram and YouTube.

In December '20 / January '21, we produced a brand new series of short monologues and scenes with our Adult Acting Group. The series is part of our response to lockdown restrictions - live theatre wasn't an option in 2020 and the only way forward was digital. We started our Adult Acting Group in September 2020 to create a space for adults to be creative during lockdown and to offer some weekly social interaction for adults. 

You can read all about our writers and directors here or you can watch the series here.

superheroes by valentina galdi
spite by kris cummins
bubbly by rachel flynn
who doesn't love turtles? by chelsea grace
280 by cara galbraith
squeak by lindz mccleod
the second coming by dougal thomson
in quarantine, we made muffins by kayleigh macdonald
perplexed, big cabbage & dry paint by matthew swan
becca lamont
lisa mcdonald
erica burnett
jack mowat
james campbell
Becca Lamont
Kyle McRoberts
john mclachlan
ryan young

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