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A Fascinating Forest

Step into the world of the Fascinating Forest

A Fascinating Forest is an At the Root Theatre project that uses storytelling, drama, crafts and sensory play to encourage creativity, interaction and nature. 

We explore the world around us in a new, exciting way with mystical stories and creative play. Aimed at 3-7 year olds to experience with an older sibling and caregivers, this exciting project is touring West Lothian in 2024. For more information and dates, see below.


Drama and ... Gardening?

Part of the story of A Fascinating Forest is growth and taking care of the natural world around us. Each child will leave with a plant pot with seeds from the Fascinating Forest to look after and plant at home when fully grown.

The magic of A Fascinating Forest that everything is so well cared for and loved that it continues to grow and grow. We aim to teach children that if we look after our planet in the way that the Fascinating Forest is looked after, we might just be able to save it.

Tell Me a Story

The Fascinating Forest is home to many stories of fairies, mysteries and more. Our workshops embrace imagination and interactive storytelling including the participants in every part of the journey.

As we adventure through the forest, we meet new characters, hear exciting stories and even make up our own stories too!

As a story unfolds through the Fascinating Forest, children will be engaged from the very beginning to the very end.


A Fascinating Forest

Saturday 8th June
Forestbank Community Centre


A Fascinating Forest

Sunday 22nd September
Kirknewton Village Hall


A Fascinating Forest

Saturday 28th September
Armadale Partnership Centre

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