404 was part of our Summer Nights Double Bill in July 2017 alongside Things Will Get Better. The show was performed by a Young Ensemble Cast put together for the specific project. The performance was directed by Nichole Cook and devised by the group.

The show was part of the National Festival of Youth Theatre in 2017 and was performed at the Ayr Gaiety Theatre as part of the weekend.

404 was an exploration of different issues including technology, LGBTQ+ history and the representation of the new generation. Participants spoke about and created work surrounding the issues and topics that effect them on a daily basis. The show became conversational - it was about having a conversation with the audience on these issues. 

The show used physical theatre, music, multimedia and text to convey messages to audiences.  The participants explored different theatre styles and technique to create a piece of theatre that made audiences cheer and cry.

At the Root Theatre senior Group
directed by
Nichole Cook
Regal Theatre
& Ayr Gaiety
produced by
Matthew Swan
Tech by
Adam Tucker & Ryan Welsh

One of the main highlights of the show was getting to perform it at the wonderful Ayr Gaiety Theatre as part of the National Festival of Youth Theatre in 2017. We were lucky enough to be one of the selected groups to perform at the festival. 

It was a weekend of camping, drama and being in Ayr. The participants got a lot out of it both socially and creatively. It showed them that there's hundreds of young people just like them - creative and love drama. This was a really memorable weekend - and we even got a trip to the beach.

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